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    Interest – rate floor clauses

    Is it possible to strike down a interest – rate floor clause included in my mortgage? Will I be able to be reimbursed for the excesses paid to the bank since the clause started to apply? MOREANA | Lawyers and Economists can provide you with the finest, most up-to-date and rigorous information about this and other issues that may rise between you and your bank.

    Floor Clauses
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    At your service

    In Spanish, the word “servir” means both “to serve” and “to be useful”. That double meaning expresses our approach to professional services and to our daily work: we not only aim to provide our clients with the finest legal and economic services, but also to be there whenever they need us.

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    Debt recovery

    A proper management of mercantile credits against commercial debtors is always necessary. But it is especially so when economic and financial crisis hits and commercial debts tend to grow exponentially, thus reducing the possibilities of recovery of credits from debtors.

    Debt recovery
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    Our firm maintains a continuously growing repository of documents, and makes it available to its clients and the general public. Those documents not only cover legal and economic issues, but also other issues of interest. Feel free to explore.

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    Bankruptcy law and bankruptcy prevention

    A proper approach, preventive if possible, of mercantile bankruptcy, is of paramount importance to make it possible for citizens and companies alike to sustain over time their economic activity on solid ground. MOREANA | Lawyers and Economists can provide you with the proper advice on this area.

    Bankruptcy law and bankruptcy prevention
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    Education and Formation

    One of the main policies and aims of our firm is to provide the best available formation, not only to our team of professionals, but also to the general public. In that regard, MOREANA | Lawyers and Economists organizes a variety of educational activities, both academic and in – company.


Our Experience

Banking Law

Claims to uphold the clients´ interests and rights before banking and investments corporations: negotiation and banking contracts; claims to annul complex financial products (such as preferential shares, swaps, structured funds, multi-currency mortgages); protection against mortgage eviction claims. Claims for debt recovery on behalf of banks (executive proceedings, ordinary proceedings, mortgage execution proceedings).

Bankruptcy law and bankruptcy prevention

Drafting and implementation of company structure optimization schemes, negotiation with banks and financial companies, refinancing of debts, bankruptcy prevention strategies and bankruptcy proceedings.

Corporate Law

Recurrent legal, tax and accounting advise for corporations; legal assistance to boards of administration; incorporation of mercantile companies; claims or defense before claims to assert responsibility for negligent management of mercantile companies; optimization of corporate structures; mercantile negotiation and contracting, be ordinary or complex.

Tax Law

Legal advice regarding tax inspection proceedings, including proceedings imposing fines to the taxpayer, both in the administrative and judicial level. Tax planning and optimization for individuals and corporations, specially focused in the impact of Corporations Tax (Impuesto de Sociedades), Income Tax (Impuesto sobre la Renta de las Personas Físicas) Wills and Donations Tax (Impuesto de Sucesiones y Donaciones).

Procedural Law and Litigation

Civil, Criminal and Administrative litigation. Arbitration proceedings. Mediation.

Debt recovery

Debt recovery proceedings against individuals and companies (monitory proceedings and others, ordinary and executive proceedings), claims of private citizens and companies against Governmental institutions, be it at the local, regional or state level.

Private Law

Contracts and deeds (notarial deeds, sales contracts, lease contracts and others); incorporation of mercantile companies and foundations; recurring advise to individual and corporate entrepreneurs (accounting and taxation); wills; claims for damages arising from traffic accidents and medical malpractice; claims against insurance companies and banks; claims against government institutions; etcetera.

Public Law

Defense of the interests of individuals and private corporations before government corporations and institutions, in areas such as: administrative contracts; eminent domain proceedings; claims for debt recovery from administrative institutions; claims to recover damages from administrative agents; defense in administrative proceedings concerning, among other, environmental compliance, game law, etcetera.

Criminal Law

Ejercicio de acciones o defensa frente a diligencias penales de investigación o enjuiciamiento de delitos de todo tipo, con especial atención a los de naturaleza económica (delitos societarios, insolvencias punibles, delitos contra la propiedad industrial y los derechos de autor) y delitos contra el medio ambiente.

Real Estate Law

Negotiation, conveyance and real estate contracting (sales contracts, lease contracts, call contracts and clauses); claims to recover damages for negligent construction; urban planning, development and management.

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