Our Firm maintains an on line documentary repository containing documents and information that we consider relevant, not only for our daily work in the areas of law and economics, but also concerning other related fields as well as areas of general cultural interest. We make that repository available not only to our professionals as an in – company formation tool, but also to our clients and to the general public. Among the criteria that we rely on for the selection of the materials uploaded to the repository are: the relevance of the document; its quality and rigor; the relationship of the document with the activity of our firm and the interests of our clients.

The information and documents are organized in the following sections (click on the links to access the info):

Publications of MOREANA | Lawyers and Economists. In this section you will find publications, either scientific or aimed to a general public, written and published by members of our firm.

Legal Area. Court decisions of special interest; scientific papers; legal information in general.

Economic and Financial Area. Materials of the Economic and Financial Area.

Social and Cultural Outreach. MOREANA | Lawyers and Economists, both as a Firm and through the individual efforts of its members, undertakes a variety of activities of cultural and social outreach. That is why our document repository includes also materials related to those activities.

News and Miscellaneous. Miscellaneous materials.

Sources and links. In this section you will mainly find links to web pages of special interest.