Our clients

Among the clients of MOREANA | Lawyers and Economists are individuals and small companies, big corporations and multinationals, and government institutions

The size of the client, big or small, is not an obstacle to have access to the services of MOREANA | Lawyers and Economists. Individuals and small companies will find in our Firm services adjusted to its circumstances and accessible to its financial resources, to make them able to face all kind of issues: debt management of private and governmental clients, contracts and deeds, recurring services in accounting and taxation, judicial claims of all kinds, claims against complex financial products (preferential shares, swaps, structured funds, etcetera), claims for damages resulting from construction defects, among others. In turn, big companies and multinationals will be able to rely on the skills and experience of the lawyers and economists of MOREANA | Lawyers and Economists to find the correct approach for their specific needs, be those of ordinary or recurring character (debt management, drafting of documents and contracts, legal claims before the Courts) or those of special complexity or even international reach (complex contracts and negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, etcetera).