Our proceedings

MOREANA | Lawyers and Economists has developed a number of internal protocols for the management and advancement of the issues entrusted to the Firm, aimed not only to speed up their resolution and achieve optimal levels of quality in the delivery of its legal and economic services, but also maintain constant and open communication with its clients. If a client (such as insurance companies, banks and the like) might require our Firm to follow its own protocols or use their own computer programs, we will adapt our internal protocols to adjust them to the requirements of the client.

As a general rule, MOREANA | Lawyers and Economists applies the following standards in the management and advancement of the issues:

  • Appointment of lawyer or economist in charge of the issue and formation of the appropriate team;
  • Drafting of detailed action plan and estimation of fees;
  • Computerized treatment of all the information and documents provided by the client, specially through scanning and assignation of reference numbers easily identifiable and searchable;
  • Control of the time devoted to every issue, and speeding up as much as possible the management of the case entrusted by the client (filing of the judicial claim, drafting of report, drafting of documents for revision by the client, etcetera);
  • Open and constant communication and reporting with the client, through periodical reports and sending of e-mails immediately after any relevant event for the case at hand;
  • Notwithstanding the above, full availability to report to the client on demand about any issue pertaining the case, via e-mail, phone or in office, always according to the client´s preferences.

MOREANA | Lawyers and Economists also has telecommunications equipment that allow us to coordinate the work among our offices, and to promptly report the client whenever necessary.