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Banking Law and Consumer Protection

Claims to uphold the clients’ interests and rights before banking and investments corporations; negotiation and banking contracts; claims to annul illegal clauses; claims to annul toxic financial products; protection against mortgage foreclosure and eviction claims.

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Corporate Law

Legal, tax and accounting advice for corporations; legal assistance to administrative boards; incorporation of mercantile companies; claims or defense against claims to assert responsibility of negligent management of mercantile companies; optimization of corporate structures; and mercantile negotiation and contracting at all scales.

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Bankruptcy Law and Bankruptcy Prevention

Drafting and implementation of debt restructuring, both for corporations and individuals; negotiation with banks and creditors to refinance debt; bankruptcy prevention and bankruptcy proceedings.

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Facilitation of and advice regarding internationalization processes, both for corporations and for individuals (mainly between Spain, Ireland, and the U.S.A.).

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Tax Law

Legal advice regarding tax inspection proceedings, including proceedings imposing fines to the taxpayer, both at the administrative and judicial level; tax planning and optimization for individuals and corporations, specially focused in the impact of the Spanish Corporations Tax, Income Tax, Wills and Donations Tax.

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Private Law

Contracts and deeds (notarial deeds, sales contracts, lease contracts and others); recurring advice to individual and corporate entrepreneurs (accounting and taxation); wills; claims for damages arising from traffic accidents and medical malpractice; claims against insurance companies and banks; claims against government institutions.

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Debt Recovery

Debt recovery proceedings against individuals and companies; claims of private citizens and companies against governmental institutions, be it at the local, regional or state level.

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Procedural Law and Litigation

Civil, Criminal and Administrative litigation.; arbitration proceedings; mediation.

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Public Law

Defense of the interests of individuals and private corporations before government corporations and institutions; administrative contracts; eminent domain proceedings; claims for debt recovery from administrative institutions; claims to recover damages from administrative bodies and agents; defense in administrative proceedings concerning, among others, environmental, industrial and game law.

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Criminal Law

Criminal law claims or defense against criminal law claims, both at the investigation or at the trial level; special consideration given to crimes of economic nature (company law crimes, negligent bankruptcy and insolvency, crimes against industrial and intellectual property) and environmental law crimes.

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Real Estate Law

Negotiation, conveyance and real estate contracting; claims to recover damages for negligent and/or unfinished construction; urban planning, development and management.

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