Bankruptcy Law and Bankruptcy Prevention

Drafting and implementation of debt restructuring. Negotiation with banks and creditors to refinance debt. Bankruptcy prevention and bankruptcy proceedings.

A proper approach, preventive if possible, of mercantile bankruptcy, is of paramount importance to make it possible for citizens and companies alike to sustain over time their economic activity on solid ground. That approach should have into consideration both the legal and the economical and financial aspects.

Both in situations of widespread economic and financial crisis, and in situations of growth and/or stability, it is essential for the entrepreneur to be able to count on proper legal advice to comply with legal requirements regarding the rights of his or her creditors (be banks or other providers of goods and services). He or she should also have available the information and data necessary to control the evolution of business, thus making it possible to grow in a sustained basis.

The members of Moreana | Lawyerss have a long and wide experience in the drafting and implementation of schemes to stabilize mercantile companies, to restructure debt and assets, and in the field of negotiation with banks and financial companies. If it came to be necessary, our Firm has the necessary resources to give the proper advice to our clients regarding bankruptcy prevention and/or litigation.

Also, if our clients need legal advice to tackle the problems generated by insolvency –be actual or foreseeable in the short or mid–term— of its debtors, Moreana | Lawyers is able to accomplish a thorough study of the situation and give the proper advice to stake the judicial claims more suitable to gain ultimate recovery of commercial debts to the best possible extent. Among the different possibilities in this respect the following are to be considered: legal claims against debtors, claims for negligent bankruptcy against debtors, negligent management claims against board members, etcetera.

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