Corporate Law

Recurrent legal, tax and accounting advise for corporations; legal assistance to boards of administration; incorporation of mercantile companies; claims or defense before claims to assert responsibility for negligent management of mercantile companies; optimization of corporate structures; mercantile negotiation and contracting, be ordinary or complex.

Moreana | Lawyers makes an especial effort to provide cutting – edge legal and economic advice services to autonomous entrepreneurs as well as companies, big, medium and small. This is especially relevant at a time when the ceaseless multiplication of new laws and the never ending changes in the existing laws make it more and more difficult to assure compliance to legal requirements to business activities. Our firm makes available to our clients a competent team of lawyers and economists, and invests considerable time and efforts to provide them with continuous formation in their fields of expertise, with close ties with the business world and academia. All those efforts aim to free businessmen from the concerns raised by the need to assure legal compliance of his or her activities, thus making it possible for his or her to devote his time to the management of the entrepreneurial project itself.

Our firm, thus, makes available to its clients, among others:

Recurrent legal, tax and accounting services;

Advice to boards of corporations and mercantile companies;

Incorporation of mercantile companies, statutory changes, etcetera;

Claims or defense against claims regarding negligence in corporate governance;

Drafting and implementation of optimization schemes of business structures;

Mercantile negotiation and contracting, be ordinary or complex.

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