Criminal Law

Criminal law claims or defense against criminal law claims, both at the investigation stage of the proceedings or at the trial level. Special consideration given to crimes of economic nature (company law crimes, negligent bankruptcy and insolvency, crimes against industrial and intellectual property) and environmental law crimes.

The legal tendency to broaden the definition and increase the number of typified crimes, together with the gradual strengthening of the punishment associated to criminal activities, make it all the more necessary to count on qualified advice in the area of Criminal Law. Our criminal lawyers at Moreana | Lawyers are able to provide our clients with adequate advice and counseling in the Criminal Law area, both at the preventive stages and at the investigation and trial stages.

Among others, we make available to our clients a wide range of legal services in the area of Criminal Law, be to provide orientation towards the filing of criminal law claims, be to assist our clients in investigation proceedings and on trial.

Our Firm pays special consideration to providing legal advice concerning, among others, the following crimes:

Business and Money Crimes (corporate crimes, reckless insolvencies, crimes against industrial and intellectual property);

Crimes against the Environment;

Crimes against Property;

Crimes against Life and physical integrity.

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