Debt Recovery

Debt recovery proceedings against individuals and companies (monitory proceedings and others, ordinary and executive proceedings), claims of private citizens and companies against Governmental institutions, be it at the local, regional or state level.

A proper management of mercantile credits against commercial debtors is always necessary. But it is especially so when economic and financial crisis hits and then commercial debts tend to grow exponentially, thus reducing the possibilities of recovery of credits from debtors.

Regarding management of mercantile debts, Moreana | Lawyers has a long and wide experience in taking the necessary steps to reduce the impact of the growth and / or delay in payment of commercial bills. Our approach covers the preventive, pre-trial stage, and the subsequent trial stage if necessary (monitory proceedings, etcetera). That experience and approach, combined with the refined internal proceedings developed by our firm, aim to successfully tackle the problems raised by mercantile debts, thus making it possible the recovery to the most possible extent and in the least possible time lapse according to current law.

It is necessary though to make a specific reference to recovery of governmental debt. It is a widespread notion that the notorious delays that government institutions impose against its creditors and providers to pay for goods and services, oftentimes lead to financial distress and even bankruptcy of mercantile companies and individuals. Not only government institutions are usually complex entities before which creditors find it difficult to individualize responsibilities in order to make debt recovery possible; also, the above mentioned delays that government institutions usually apply to payments of goods and services have reached exceptionally high levels in the last years, thus provoking huge financial distress to its providers that frequently lead these to temporary or permanent shutdown, or even bankruptcy.

Moreana | Lawyers pays a special attention and has a special expertise in the field of governmental debt recovery, be it at the local, autonomous or national level. The Firm has invested important resources to improve its approaches and techniques towards litigation in this area, thus making it possible to gain a fuller and quicker recovery for our clients.

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