Public Law

Defense of the interests of individuals and private corporations before government corporations and institutions, in areas such as: administrative contracts; eminent domain proceedings; claims for debt recovery from administrative institutions; claims to recover damages from administrative agents; defense in administrative proceedings concerning, among other, environmental compliance, game law, etcetera.

The ever growing size of governmental structures and organizations, especially in Western countries and more specifically in Spain, has brought together with it an exponentially and continuously growing body of Public Law that is more and more difficult to master as time passes. Both ordinary citizens, entrepreneurs and companies, find it increasingly difficult to ensure compliance with the administrative laws and regulations. The addition, in Europe, of the body of European Union Law that coexists with national bodies of law, adds an additional level of complexity that has to be adequately considered to guarantee respect for the rights and compliance with the obligations that law requires in a certain time and place.

It is thus mandatory to rely on specialized advice to provide adequate orientation in this area of the law. This need applies both to individuals, entrepreneurs and companies. But it is especially felt in the case of companies whose activity involves dealing with the so – called regulated economic sectors (telecommunications, energy, banking, etcetera). Moreana | Lawyers keeps permanent attention to legal evolution in this field, to ensure and maintain its ability to provide its clients with the best possible advice in this complex area of law.

Among other issues dealt with in this area, our Firm provides services such as:

Advice on administrative contracts in its different varieties;

Claims to recover damages against governmental bodies (local, autonomic, national, European);

Compliance reports;

Defense in eminent domain procedures;

Defense in environmental responsibility procedures.

At the same time, the current economic situation makes it all the more urgent to make a special effort to manage in an optimal manner the unpaid credits that providers hold against governmental institutions. Moreana | Lawyers pays a special attention and has a marked expertise in the field of governmental debt recovery, be it at the local, autonomous or national level. The Firm has invested important resources to improve its approaches and techniques towards litigation in this area, thus making it possible to gain a fuller and quicker recovery for our clients.

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