Real Estate Law

Negotiation, conveyance and real estate contracting (sales contracts, lease contracts, call contracts and clauses); claims to recover damages for negligent construction; urban planning, development and management.

Real Estate Law is a broad area of the law that, properly speaking, is not one of the classical branches of the law, but a label covering the various areas of the law that converge into the norms establishing the legal status of real estate: from basic norms of Private Law (property law, leases, contracts) to the most complex areas of Administrative Law (licenses, urban zoning and planning, etcetera). At the same time, especially when real estate lay is considered from the point of view of complex zoning and building projects, the analysis must take into consideration and harmonize the economic and financial aspects involved.

Legal and economic advice in this area of the law thus requires a broad and comprehensive approach. That is the one we adopt at Moreana | Lawyers, and with that purpose, we make available to our clients our competent team of persons qualified to provide an integral service in these matters.

Among other issues covered in this area of the Law, Moreana | Lawyers provides its clients services such as:

Real Estate negotiation and contracting in its different sectors (sales contracts, leases, call contracts, etcetera);

Claims to recover damages for defects in the construction process;

Urban zoning and planning;

Services for Homeowners' Associations;

Claims arising out of lease contracts (claims to recover unpaid rents, evictions, etcetera).

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