What is Moreana? 

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MOREANA | Lawyers and Economists is a provider of legal and economic services. The Firm deals both with purely legal issues (claims and trials of various types including arbitration and mediation, legal and tax advice in the widest sense) and with issues related to the economic and financial concerns of our clients (recurring accounting and tax services, guidance in investments, etcetera).

That place where law and economics merge and intertwine is precisely the milieu where both individuals and institutions (be private or governmental institutions) encounter the vast majority of the issues that they have to deal with in a day – to – day basis. Those are the issues that have to be approached in a manner consistent with the aim of making it possible the long – term sustainability of their personal and professional activities: most, if not all legal issues have a financial background; economic and financial issues arise in a legal framework that has to be thoroughly mastered to be able to find the best possible approach. That is why the professionals of our Firm try hard to find, for each and every issue and for each and every individual person, the optimal and comprehensive solution that tackles and harmonizes all the different aspects that pertain to the issue at hand.

But the approach that MOREANA | Lawyers and Economists adopts when studying each case does not only aim to apply the highest possible standards of professional competence and skills, both legal and economic. We never lose sight of the fact that, behind every sheet of paper, of every contract, of every spreadsheet, of each and every file, there are individual persons. Thus, we always have in mind that those persons cannot only be treated as mere clients whose legal status has to be coldly analyzed, or as mere interchangeable elements of the economic analysis of a productive structure. That is why, in MOREANA | Lawyers and Economists, personalized and thoughtful treatment of the particular situation of every individual client is not a mere catch phrase used in advertising campaigns: that is why in our Firm, our values and our corporate social responsibility policies are not a mere external imposition, but on the contrary a deeply entrenched element of our vision of how we understand our professional endeavor.