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Our logo is inspired in the Necker Cube, the optical illusion first published in 1832 by the Swiss crystallographer Louis Albert Necker. It is the graphic depiction of a cube, in such a manner that the human brain finds it difficult to interpret the disposition of each of its sides. Is the cube seen from the top left, thus showing its front face on the lower right of the picture? Or is it seen from the lower right, thus making the viewer see in the forefront the face that seems to be placed in the top left?

The majority of the issues we at Moreana | Lawyers face every day usually confront us with the same complexity. The initial data collected from the client does not show the whole picture, and at first glance it is impossible to decipher a clear and comprehensible understanding of the issue. Only conscious effort, patient selection of relevant information, and application of different viewpoints allows us to create the framework to draft an optimal solution for each individual client.

The ability to approach issues from many different angles is integral to how we work at Moreana | Lawyers. We apply this skill in

our services from the first contact with the case, to the final drafting and implementation of the ideal, custom-made solution for each client. This idea is graphically expressed in our logo by the different shades of blue; a clearer shade on the left, growing darker clockwise. The final, optimum solution, is represented by the central square; depicted in a vibrant burgundy color which calls the attention of the viewer away from the blue elements distracting from it.

Moreana | Lawyers takes its name from the illustrious English writer, jurist and politician Thomas More (1478 – 1535). Through this namesake, our everyday work is inspired as we pay homage to the deeds of a man who always strove for the best. On a personal level he was the best of friends, in his family the best father and spouse, and in his professional career an exceptionally gifted jurist and politician. Thomas More was a man whose ethical and moral principles were put to the test. He proved himself to be the most trustworthy servant of his King and his God; up to the point that when Henry VIII tried to force him to act against his conscience, Thomas More chose to endure prison and death rather than surrendering to indignity.


Our professionals have a long and proven experience in Legal and Economic specialities.

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We work with an extremely competent and committed team of attorneys, paralegals and support staff.

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The size of the client, big or small, does not matter to have access to our personalized services.

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